Baby Voodoo Art x We Are Sweet Art/Sweet Shop!

Baby Voodoo is very excited to announce that some of her erotic/pop surrealist art is now being sold through the London-based gallery "Sweet 'Art" at the online webstore: Sweet Shop!

Selling two A3 prints: "TROPICANA" and "BAD BABY, ELECTRIC"!

Baby Voodoo

"Sweet ‘Art is dedicated to the promotion of art that is thought provoking, intelligent and challenging in its consideration of both aesthetic and concept."

Baby Voodoo Art Featured in Cluster Magazine Issue #2

Baby Voodoo Art has been featured in the independent Melbourne-based magazine, Cluster, for release of their second issue! 

The zine is now available in A4 or A5 size at Hares & Hyenas boutique alternative bookstore!

"La Muerte De La Compasion" and "Bad Baby, Electric" in Cluster Magazine Issue #2


The Rosie Project - Epilepsy Research & Awareness Fundraiser Event

The Rosie Project is a night of live music, good food, flowing drinks, and laughter all for a good cause!

View the Facebook event page here.

Epilepsy. It's that thing that perhaps a family member has it, or a friend, or even friend of friend.

It is a common condition that can develop at any age, regardless of gender or ethinicity. It impacts their everyday life, from if they are able to drive to if they are able to even take a bath alone. There are medication to help control...

Baby Voodoo Art - Eyegasm Of The Month on!

The super body and sex positive has chosen Baby Voodoo as their Artist Of The Month for April 2016!

Every month Kink Kult showcases erotic artists and kinky showgirls from around the world on their webstore site blog.

Click here to read Baby Voodoo's full interview with Kink Kult!

 Baby Voodoo Artist of The Month on

 With special thanks to Princess Anathema of Kink Kult!Eyegasm-of-the-Month-April-2016/cfsy3/57073acd0cf27cb8ad1ce524

Distal Phalanx Online Store + Relocation Launch Feat. Nasir Mazhar SS16 Preview - Event Style Blog from BABY VOODOO

To celebrate the launch of their new online store and space, Distal Phalanx threw a party which included a preview of the Nasir Mazhar SS16 collection - exclusively available in Australia only at the store!

A landmark store in Melbourne alternative fashion, Distal Phalanx showcases some of the most innovative-ly awesome brands from around the globe.

You can view Distal Phalanx's new webstore here!

The Nicholas Building
Level 5, Room 19
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia