Baby Voodoo Presents: Love Penny Plane Latex at SEXPO Melbourne 2016

In collaboration with Fiona Pattern's office of The Australian Sex Party, Baby Voodoo has been invited to dress the Party's resident mannequin, Stephanie, in a bid to showcase independent, sex and kink positive designers from around Australia - and the world!

Baby Voodoo styled Stephanie in the Basic Two Piece Latex Set in Pink by the amazing UK designer, Love Penny Plane. You can check out the fashion either in the window of Fiona Pattern's Melbourne office or by visiting The Australian Sex Party's booth at SEXPO - the world's longest running health, sexuality and lifestyle expo. Details below.


You can visit Fiona Pattern's office for The Australian Sex Party at 747 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC, AU. The fashion will be on display from the 22nd November 2016 - 2th December 2016.


SEXPO is running between the 24th and 27th of November, 2016.

Stephanie The Mannequin's Blog



Baby Voodoo Art - BOUND TO LOVE Exhibition presented by Oz Kink Fest 2016

Evolve Sphere, Oz Kink Fest & Lucrezia DeSade present
BOUND TO LOVE: the subtleties of kink through art.

An Exhbition of international and local artists, visionary's and creative expressionists, a provocation along the themes of festish, kink, bondage, bodies, erotica and the entwinement of love throughout life itself.

OPENING NIGHT: Sunday 25th September 5pm - 10pm
Address: Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Exhibition runs 25th September - 1 October daily.

Bound to Love will include; Installations from an array of amazing world class exhibitors including the phenomanal rope artist Garth Knight, a sense arousing peepshow boudoir, live performances, sculputure, photography, life drawing and more.

entry to the venue is $5 per entry, and restricted to ages 18+

Baby Voodoo Art - BAD GIRLS CLUB Exhibition @




OPENING: Friday, September 16 at 7 PM - 11 PM
LOCATION: Union Club Hotel, Fitzroy, VIC, AU

Baby Voodoo Art - Girlhood #3 Exhibition + Gig @ The Old Bar

"The Fort Collective presents… ‘Girlhood #3’Bringing together the work of over 20 artists, mostly based in Melbourne, Girlhood #3 aims to showcase a broad range of creative interpretations and reflections on gender. From the minds of artists who, themselves, are women or nonbinary folk, what does it mean to have experienced a girlhood in some way? Or to have had one thrust upon you? Our experiences with gender, and how we are treated because of it, have to some extent helped form who we are. Each of these artists gives us a glimpse into their internal landscape, and by extension, pieces of the collective journey of girlhood, of womanhood, or something in between. Dealing with misinformation and underrepresentation on a daily basis, living in a sexualised and undereducated society. The artists of ‘Girlhood’ are asked to explore these themes within their work, and are free to show anything that speaks ‘girlhood’ to them, or that says something about themselves, as women, as people familiar with the experience of girlhood."

Baby Voodoo Art

Open in the gallery at The Old Bar in Fitzroy, VIC, AU from Tuesday 3rd of May to Saturday 7th of May!

$8 entry all proceeds towards musicians and performers. 

The Girl Fridas, Shrimpwitch, Shiny Coin ,Ghost Dick, Asylum Sis†ers

Visual artists:
Kiri Bear/Katie Gray/Melynda von Wayward/ Natasha Merrick/Emily Doctragon Hooper/Jodie Fraser/Georgie Zuzek/Baby Voodoo/Madison Webster/Kassia Hachiki/Brigit Maher/Made Stuchbery/Alexa Inez Malone/Anastasia Anastasia/Kalindy Williams/Ray Pulman/
Alice chalmers/Claire Maud/Wishcandy/Flick Reid/Stephanie Sultana/Celeste Magee/Natalia Bennett/Mouse/Kitty Chrystal

Performance art upstairs:
Fox Pflueger
Rebecca Kate.

Cluster Magazine.
Jessica Rose Readings

18 + event And STRICTLY NON BYO

Baby Voodoo Art x We Are Sweet Art/Sweet Shop!

Baby Voodoo is very excited to announce that some of her erotic/pop surrealist art is now being sold through the London-based gallery "Sweet 'Art" at the online webstore: Sweet Shop!

Selling two A3 prints: "TROPICANA" and "BAD BABY, ELECTRIC"!

Baby Voodoo

"Sweet ‘Art is dedicated to the promotion of art that is thought provoking, intelligent and challenging in its consideration of both aesthetic and concept."

The Rosie Project - Epilepsy Research & Awareness Fundraiser Event

The Rosie Project is a night of live music, good food, flowing drinks, and laughter all for a good cause!

View the Facebook event page here.

Epilepsy. It's that thing that perhaps a family member has it, or a friend, or even friend of friend.

It is a common condition that can develop at any age, regardless of gender or ethinicity. It impacts their everyday life, from if they are able to drive to if they are able to even take a bath alone. There are medication to help control and minimise epileptic fits, but it does not prevent it altogether. There is no definite cause as to why this happens. According to the Epilpesy Foundation Australia, approximately 10 perecent of the population will have a sezeire at some time in their life, however, only one third of those will be diagnosed with epilepsy. What about the rest?
The Rosie Project - Epilepsy Awareness

Distal Phalanx Online Store + Relocation Launch Feat. Nasir Mazhar SS16 Preview - Event Style Blog from BABY VOODOO

To celebrate the launch of their new online store and space, Distal Phalanx threw a party which included a preview of the Nasir Mazhar SS16 collection - exclusively available in Australia only at the store!

A landmark store in Melbourne alternative fashion, Distal Phalanx showcases some of the most innovative-ly awesome brands from around the globe.

You can view Distal Phalanx's new webstore here!

The Nicholas Building
Level 5, Room 19
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia

Baby Voodoo Art - The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Baby Voodoo was invited to exhibit digitally as apart of the internationally exhibiting 2016 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival!

March 18-20, 2016

Baby Voodoo Art - Captain Palette/Pirotechnics - 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Pirotechnics Events is turning 10! So to celebrate, theyre going to have the biggest Captain Palette Art Party ever!

Tickets available here.


Captain Palette - Pirates & Mermaids!

Friday 18th March @ Brown Alley (The Colonial Hotel), Melbourne CBD

Get dressed up in your best Pirate or Mermaid outfit and join us for a Captain Palette Fundraiser, exhibition and celebration of ART!