The Rosie Project - Epilepsy Research & Awareness Fundraiser Event

The Rosie Project is a night of live music, good food, flowing drinks, and laughter all for a good cause!

View the Facebook event page here.

Epilepsy. It's that thing that perhaps a family member has it, or a friend, or even friend of friend.

It is a common condition that can develop at any age, regardless of gender or ethinicity. It impacts their everyday life, from if they are able to drive to if they are able to even take a bath alone. There are medication to help control and minimise epileptic fits, but it does not prevent it altogether. There is no definite cause as to why this happens. According to the Epilpesy Foundation Australia, approximately 10 perecent of the population will have a sezeire at some time in their life, however, only one third of those will be diagnosed with epilepsy. What about the rest?
The Rosie Project - Epilepsy Awareness

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